The Open Music Composer’s Book Vol. 3, to which I contributed a chapter is out!

The OM Composer’s book 3 – Co-edition IRCAM Centre Georges Pompidou – (COLLECTIF)


Source: The OM Composer’s book 3



source n http://www.perspectivesofnewmusic.org/index.php
Perspectives of New Music, 54 no. 1

“Deus ex Machina: Uncovering Aldo Clementi’s System” is comuning out on the next issue of Perspectives of New Music (54, no. 1)



Presentation at Composit New Music Festival in the Electronic Music Seminar (July 2016)

As a guest of Jean François Charles


Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ Ircam Forum Workshop in São Paulo (11/15)

Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ M.I.T. for the Sync Project (09/15)

Presentation of the Mi-iM project @ Plymouth University, UK at the Brain Computer Music Interface Workshop (program) (06/15)

Sandra Shea ‘ 56 Fisher Prize for Exceptional Achievement in the Creative Arts ($1000) (05/15)

The Justice article about Michele’s Electro-acoustic class (03/15)

RAI Radio Televisione Italiana: National Radio broadcast of Variazioni su AlDo ClEmenti within the Radio3 Suite Classical Music Program (10/14)

Composit 2014: Performance of Studi su stEpHen wolFrAm, in Palazzo Dosi, Rieti, Italy (07/14)

WQXR: Variations  broadcast on “Off the Grid” hosted by Suzanne Farin (06/14)